The distinctions between instrumentation and steel designs

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Tubes and pipes get used side by side in a myriad of applications. However, steel tubing and instrumentation pipe are different in relation to uses, sizes, and shapes. As such, it is critical to understand what product is most suitable for your needs.


Let’s begin discussing the difference between them. When you see both tubes and pipes, you will discover they are hollow metal items. They come in handy for processes to move elements between locations. Yet, they are different and more valuable than this.

The uses

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsStainless steel tubing is a popular option for moving gases, liquids, and other goods between locations. The tube is handy in processing and holding areas, and separate intended process sections.

As for instrument piping, it is useful alongside these systems. It works in establishing valves, flow monitor systems, and pressure switches and gauges. The pipes aid in process automation, monitoring safety, and other elements of piping system works. If you need help from the foremost ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has, give our team a call.


There are connections in the instrumentation pipe and steel tube fittings too. Most of the time tubes use either plain, threaded, or bevelled ends. As for instrument pipes, they are cut to length with special cutters. Afterwards, they require processing to remove the bur. This guarantees flow and safety. With such smooth ends, there is a nice clean joint connection with fittings. Moreover, with valves, there is a greater degree of compatibility with all sorts of instrumentation items.

Manufacturing procedures

There are details to talk about with the manufacturing side of things too. All instrumentation models undergo dimension quality inspections during manufacturing. This includes wall thickness, surface finish, roundness, and straightness.

On the other side, steel tubes need testing for a strict tolerance, as well as for mass production. These are the items that demand quicker delivery and bulk orders. When creating them, it is preferable to use a continuous procedure due to the high volume.

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