Comparing cold drawn and cold rolled steel

Certain projects will require specialist tubing in order to succeed. Our establishment has been helping in this area for many years. We have done so by providing the greatest ERW steel tubes West Midlands has to offer. With every customer, we strive to provide the highest standards with our products and services.

In the steel industry, it is possible you might have heard the terms cold drawn and cold rolled. ERW tubes are actually made using cold forming methods. Comprehending how manufacturers process the steel is essential if you want to ensure you are using the right one for your projects. This is important as it can save you on costs and time. Not to mention, you will be able to produce top tier products.

Rolling the steel

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsWe will start by looking at cold rolling. You can process steel using all kinds of machines at varying temperatures. One approach consists of you sending the tubes through two rollers. They mould the metal into a certain thickness.

When comparing hot rolled steel to cold rolled steel, you will easily notice the differences with the temperatures you process the metals at. Cold rolling happens when the metal is underneath the recrystallisation temperature. This is where you can alter the steel grain structure. Manufacturers usually cold roll at or close to room temperature. Please let us know if you desire the greatest ERW steel tubes West Midlands has.

The drawing method

Similar to cold rolled steel, cold drawn steel gets processed at room temperature. However, the difference is that rolling creates a flat product. The drawn method creates thin shapes like wires or rods. This happens by hammering a material that has been hot rolled so it can fit through a die. The die is a mechanism that pulls and turns the metal into the elongated shape. This final shape’s cross section could be octagonal, hexagonal, rectangular, round, or square. The shape depends on your die.

Cold drawn steel is perfect for long items, such as structural or shaft parts. It is useful for consumer goods that need an aesthetic finish too.

Cold drawn steel has advantages not unlike those of cold rolled steel. The pressure necessary to manufacture the material leads to a smooth, quality finish and high tensile strength. Plus, the drawing method does not alter the shape. Therefore, the final product has a predictable shape and thickness. Usually, it will take several drawings through separate dies to acquire the right size.

Any size order for ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

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