The benefits of installing roll cages

You might own a project car that you intend to take onto the track. If so, you should consider installing roll protection. The issue is that not everyone understands the benefits of utilising a roll cage or bar. They extend past the protection during a rollover. By knowing the advantages, you can decide whether they will be worth the investment. You can then look at options. Maybe you will need to order the best ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands from us.

What is a roll cage?

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsLet’s begin by discussing what a roll cage is. It’s a known fact that contemporary vehicles can defend passengers during a rollover. Although, they are designed around regular road driving. Within a high-speed performance driving environment, you need more protection. It must account for the extra forces. Roll cages and bars are robust metal apparatuses made from tubes that you mount inside the cabin. They give the motor more support.

There are multiple solutions for roll protection. For instance, some individuals go for straightforward 4-point roll cages. These link to the frame behind the front seats and at the cabin’s rear. The 6 point variants extend to the front of the cabin and supply even more protection.


One advantage of having a roll cage is that it can save your life. Rollovers occur, particularly on the track or when you push your car to the limit. Even the most sophisticated motor designs may not be enough when taking fast corners or driving at high speeds. Further roll protection can make all the difference between walking away from a crash or not.

You may have a track vehicle, particularly one that you’ve removed the back seat from. If so, you should strongly contemplate adding a 4-point roll cage at minimum. Should you lose control, you will be glad to have it. Speak to us if you need the foremost ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands.


Another benefit is that they can enhance handling. The extra rigidity can improve your driving experience. In the same manner that further strengthening the car’s exterior aids in improving rollover protection, it makes the motor stiffer. When taking hard turns, you will feel less body roll and flexing. This can make all the difference in what’s possible on the track.

Moreover, bars and cages add the rigidity with relatively minor additional weight. Roll protection specialists aren’t as focused on aesthetics if you compare to vehicle manufacturers. So, they can produce shapes that would look out of place on a contemporary car. Thus, the necessary level of material to increase stiffness with a roll bar or cage tends to be less than what you need to gain the same rigidity in the car frame. Even for motors possessing great stock handling, it can make a difference.

They may be necessary

Finally, this cage might be a necessity. On various tracks, having a degree of protection is a requirement. For convertible cars, it’s almost always necessary no matter the speed. Furthermore, many tracks need roll bars for hard-top designs. This is particularly true for more powerful racing classes. To word it differently; if you intend to enjoy your track car to its fullest potential, you will likely need roll protection.

Ordering ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

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