Do you have the right carbon steel tubing?

There are five kinds of carbon steel tubing. They all have their own applications too. Examples include machine parts, furniture, and architectural. You can manufacture them in several ways. So that you’re not confused by the multitude of options, we are going to go over each one in detail. Then, if you need reliable ERW tubes, we can supply them.


ERW tubesTo start with, we have Electric Resistance Welding. The process cold forms metal coil into cylindrical, round shapes. There are multiple ways to make the weld. Saying this, all welds require heating the joint via electrical resistance. The welding tends to be through an automated procedure. It is one that leads to a low manufacturing cost. Moreover, resistance welding permits you to have a high weld quality. What you get is strong joints.

The uses for ERW tubing are extensive. Examples include the manufacturing of chassis and axles in the automotive industry. Others would be internal machine components, as well as general supports and stands. Talk to us if you need top tier ERW tubes.


You manufacture these tubes by piercing hot metal billets to produce tubing that is then further rolled. This is to reduce and elongate the diameter. Afterwards, you cool the tube and refine it to the necessary dimensions.

CDS can possess tight tolerances, giving you accurate dimensions. They can have thicker wall dimensions too, leading to a stronger tube. The finished product will also have impressive aesthetics.

You can use CDS tubes where aesthetics are critical to the final product. Think shafts and roll cages in the automotive industry. More uses include high pressure/high speed pumping applications, infrastructure columns, and hydraulic cylinders.


Here you begin by cutting metal coil to the necessary width. You then cold roll it into a tube shape. The edges get welded together via electric resistance whilst under pressure to make the final shape. This is very similar to the process for creating ERW tubes. However, following that, you can cut the tubing to your length before drawing it over mandrels. This is to lower the tube diameter and thin the walls to the necessary specifications.

Drawing your tube over a mandrel increases machinability, hardness, and strength. In addition it allows for excellent consistency and extremely high tolerances in the final product.

DOM tubing has its uses in hydraulic components. These include cylinders as well as pumps. The automotive industry uses it for gas springs, steel frames, shock absorbers, and dampers as well.


This tubing needs to meet the demands of hydraulic lines. You manufacture the tubes by welding flat rolled metal. Or, you roll and pierce bar stock, which produces a seamless tube. Both methods call for carefully controlled finishing stages. This is either through annealing or normalising in a controlled setting.

Hydraulic tubes possess a very clean and bright finish, something that is aesthetically pleasing. The material is chemically controlled as well to guarantee workability and consistency.

Hot Finished

Finally, we have tubing you manufacture by piercing a solid bit of hot metal while it rotates. The result is a seamless tube. This then gets passed through multiple mills to lower the wall thickness and diameter.

Hot Finished tubes have versatility and can be machined with ease whilst being a cost efficient choice for metal tubing. Because of how hot piercing works, tolerances aren’t as tight and the finish isn’t as aesthetically pleasing compared to other tubes. Normally, you’d only use these tubes when finish and tolerances aren’t the main focus. You could also use them if further machining will take place. Applications include construction equipment like supports, rolls and pillars, and machine parts.

We will deliver the ERW tubes you need

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