Stainless steel is known for its resilience

Stainless steel has come a long way, and is now widely used by many different industries for a plethora of applications. From medical equipment to components in the oil and gas sectors, the material offers many used properties. As a leading ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands customers can come to for bespoke products, we are happy to explain some of the benefits of using tubing made from it.
In 1912 a stainless steel alloy was found by Englishman Harry Brearley. The discovery was made whilst he was searching for a method of making gun barrels resistant to forms of corrosion. When Brearley attempted to patent his find, he found an American called Elwood Haynes had also found the same thing; so they partnered up and formed the American Stainless Steel Corporation.

German metal workers were also experimenting in this area at the time. They managed to create steel that was softer, more resistant to acids and easier to work with; this was done by adding nickel. This and Haynes and Brearley’s finds combined created two different kinds of stainless steel: 300 series of austinsitic and 400 series of mertensitic. The modern version 18/8 stainless steel came after World War I, and was named due to the 18% chromium and 8% nickel composition.

Stainless steel obtained its name due to its good resistance to rust and corrosion. In order for it to stay resilient in must rely on nickel, chromium and other alloys depending on application. Nickel is recognised for its resistance to corrosion and strength even at high temperatures. In the western world, an estimated 65% of it is used in stainless steel. Chromium is used for its hard properties, and its protective oxide layer.

What’s more advantageous is it can be used for numerous applications. However, it is important to know what it’ll be used for as different alloys provide specific outcomes; choosing the right ones is therefore essential.

Thankfully, here at Union Steel we can provide you with the relevant advice to help plan your application. We specialise in the fabrication of ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands based individuals and businesses can use for various needs. We have been involved in this area for years, earning extensive experience.

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