Advice for choosing an ERW tube provider for your project

If you and your team ever require steel ERW tube, it’s wise to look closely at the producer before deciding to deal with them. Otherwise the materials you receive may lack exactly what you were looking for; less reliability and lower quality are just some of the possible outcomes.
To ensure you choose the right source of ERW tubing and cutting services, consider the following things.

1. Does the company have the relevant experience?
Regardless of what qualifications and certificates they have on paper (although this still matters), there is no better assurance than having relevant experience of your project. Gaining knowledge and skills means years of hard work and dedication, so search for a company that has a good, consistent record of work spanning a number of years. Union Steel Tubes is a long serving specialists with a wealth of expertise to call on.

2. Do they have a well established and reliable delivery service?
Not only is the quality of your ordered products paramount, but also whether they get delivered in your specified time frame. It is estimated, on average, any bespoke tubing has a delivery time frame of 7 to 12 weeks. However, with Union Steel you can be assured of next day delivery for many of the products we provide. No matter how small or large the order, it is always best to discuss and confirm delivery options before finalising orders.

3. What skills do the company possess?
Before deciding on what company to use you must ensure they are aware of your requirements; this includes the finishing you desire. You should be fully aware of what they are capable of doing in-house, and what needs to be outsourced. If possible pay a visit to the business and see the way they work for complete peace of mind. Union Steel provide a wide variety of different steel ERW tube options. Our aim is to meet every requirement. We have the latest steel cutting technology to ensure we achieve the perfect finish.

There is much choice when sourcing steel tubes and products. Fortunately, with us high quality is assured every time. If you require our expertise, contact us today. We are confident we can meet your needs and deliver tubing you will be pleased with.