Stainless steel is a hygienic choice for commercial workers

We are a company that has been providing various ERW tubes for many years. Our people are able to handle orders of varying sizes. At the same time, we offer customers the level of care they deserve. Because of this combination of factors, we have become one of the most respectable companies offering tubing products.

A metal that has become popular in a multitude of industries, stainless steel is one of the world’s most versatile materials. You can use it in industrial production, hospitality, and more. From the cutlery we eat with, the floors people walk on, to the tubes to create equipment, the flexibility on offer allows it to enhance nearly every part of working life. However, we have to ask ourselves why it is so popular. It has become the ‘hygienic choice’ for commercial workers, and we are going to explore why.

A self-healing substance

ERW tubesPeople commonly describe stainless steel as a self-healing metal. This is because it is capable of preserving its extreme levels of usability and structure in a myriad of challenging settings. It can withstand low and high temperatures. It is the same for dry and wet conditions. The steel can survive abrasion and shock without damage too.

Stainless steel’s surface coating is scientifically referenced as the passive layer. This is what lets the metal endure damage from exterior factors. The layer can heal itself against things like small scratches, so it is a great choice.


The hygiene needs of stainless steel in the working setting can be demanding and intense. Those materials you use have to be appropriate for exterior and interior use for animals and humans. This stops harmful bacteria from contaminating the user.

For the material to be suitable, your steel has to be simple to clean. Not to mention, it has to be completely non-absorbent, guaranteeing that the surface shall be able to dispose of all germs and bacteria. Stainless steel is great in this regard. It also has no open spaces, pores, or cracks for bacteria to embed itself in. If you find yourself in need of stellar ERW tubes, make sure you give us a call.

Stainless steel in busy settings

Something else this element of stainless steel has is that it functioning properly in fast pace, busy settings. Here, intense sanitisation and deep clean treatments aren’t always practical. A clean cloth and some antibacterial spray, or a dishwasher cycle can help the metal survive in high traffic locations like factories, restaurants and hospitals.

Come to us for the finest ERW tubes

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