Square tubing has a significant presence in the world

As a specialist provider of ERW tube products, we aim to supply each customer with the finest items. To do this, we make sure we have plenty of options available. In addition, we perform testing on all our goods to ensure they adhere to the right standards. As a result, you can have full confidence when you work with us.

A useful and practical tube

ERW tubeSquare metal tubing is one of the shapes we have on offer. It is a significant design due to the versatility that it delivers. There aren’t many items that are as useful and practical as this one for construction products. For example, when you build a deck, metal tubes generate an additional layer of sturdiness. What’s more, they make it far lighter than your normal solid steel bar.

Another fact is that certain builders will utilise square metal ERW tube as a substitute for cement blocks. There is structural durability and strength here that concrete simply does not possess. This is particularly evident during natural occurrences like tornadoes, snow storms, and hurricanes. The box shape allows for significantly more rigidity and strength if you compare to channels or angles.

Transportation applications

You also can’t beat square tubing when it comes to transportation. Products can benefit from the same advantages in terms of strength and durability. For example, truck beds make use of the metal tubes to supply security and stability to the loads they convey.

Something else to note is that these tubes permit the material being moved to “breathe” air to stop damage and corrosion. This is without introducing extra stress or weight. Make sure you speak to us if you require a top tier ERW tube you can rely on.

Other practical applications

There are many other practical applications for the tubing, such as employing them for repairs. Plus the square tubes are also handy for agricultural purposes. At some point for example, you might find yourself needing to erect a suitable chicken coop or even a barrier for livestock. The tube is a great choice for these projects.

For countless companies, economies of scale reveal that using square metal tubes is a greater choice for the bottom line. This is if you compare to using round tubes or metal angles as the square tube’s sturdy shape aids in increasing productivity and efficiency.

We have the ERW tube you need

At Union Steel Tubes, we supply the tubes in square, oval, round, and rectangular designs. For the customer, this means optimum choice. In addition, we have other specialist options like pre-galvanised and seamless. You can also take advantage of our steel cutting service if you need ERW tube with more specific attributes.

So, if there is something we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask.