Stainless steel has great fire resistance

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Countless industries use stainless steel, whether it is sheets, blocks, or tubing. The corrosion resistance is a noteworthy benefit with this metal. However, it overshadows another advantage of the steel; the fire and heat resistance. What we have here is a crucial property of the material. To ensure you understand how significant it is, we are going to discuss it in more detail below.

The potential of fire

Fire safetyFire remains one of the most devastating hazards in the world. A small blaze has the potential to erupt into a much bigger one that could destroy a whole building. Sometimes, there can be an explosion. The risk to lives and property is huge. As a result, when architects and engineers are participating in the design phase of a project, they need to pay attention. It is vital for them to use materials capable of deterring, containing, or preventing fires.

Even though stainless steel has no official fire rating, many tests have been done on it. The goal here is often to determine how separate metals perform. For example, there have been tests to compare it to galvanised steels and aluminium. In every scenario, the stainless steel had advantages over the other substances when there was extensive exposure to heat and fire. That makes it a great choice for ERW tubes.

The flames won’t spread with steel

ERW tubesStainless steel does not have the ability to catch fire. Thus, it won’t spread flames. This is in the case of a normal structural configuration. The resistance here relies primarily on the level of chromium the metal contains. As such, it is the leading choice for fire prevention and safety.

People also like to choose stainless steel items for their resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Their strength is worth mentioning too.

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