Stainless steel and aluminium must remain apart

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Steel and aluminium are not the best of friends

ERW tubeMany people choose stainless steel ERW tubes for their projects. Since this is the case, there are certain other substances that you should keep away from them. Chief among these is aluminium. The combination of stainless steel and aluminium produces galvanic corrosion.

To comprehend why you cannot utilise the two metals together, it is crucial to know how this corrosion works. Before that though, we need to look at the technical terms. That will help when we look at what happens

The anode is a positively charged material. As a result, electrons leave it. The cathode is the opposite and has a negative charge that attracts the electrons. An electrolyte is a liquid that assists in the electron transfer procedure.

How does the corrosion work?

Now that we have looked at the terms, let’s discuss how things work here. Galvanic corrosion happens when two materials encounter one another and an electrolyte. Electrolytes could be environmental factors like rainwater or humidity.

When such elements combine, electron transfer shall happen. Depending on the electrolyte’s resistance level, the transfer could take place far more rapidly. Due to this fact, salt water, an electrolyte with extremely small resistance, is a normal factor when trying to decide what product to use.

For this reason, it is essential to think about the materials you are going to use in the environment. You must ensure they won’t suffer from excessive corrosion because of the electrolytes in the air. If you are in need of an ERW tube, make sure you speak to us.

When you employ stainless steel and aluminium together in an assembly, the aluminium’s electrons shall move to the steel. This causes the aluminium to weaken. As a result it degrades at a far quicker rate. This can actually increase the life of the stainless steel. It is why sometimes people use sacrificial aluminium anodes to protect it. However, if you are not ready for it, it can damage parts.

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