Square tubes have helped revolutionise the automotive industry

One industry that uses tubing a lot is automotive. It is a field that is no stranger to innovation and technological achievements either. Many materials and components have played an essential part in the industry’s evolution. One innovation that has gained substantial attention is the square tube. Originally, we used them in structural engineering and construction. Eventually though, they found their way to the automotive industry. They revolutionised how we designed and manufactured vehicles. What we are going to do here is discuss how, then if you need ERW tubes you can come to us.

The tubes and their composition

ERW tubesFirstly, we need to understand square tubes and their composition. They are hollow, four-sided utensils with equal thickness, height, and width. They are made of multiple materials too, with steel being the most common.

The square shape offers considerable structural stability. Due to this, they can serve all sorts of applications that call for durability and strength. Within the automotive industry the tubes are mainly for frame and chassis construction. They provide better rigidity and stability if you compare to standard round tube.

Why use it?

We will look at the advantages of using square tubing in the automotive industry next so you can see why they are so popular.

Strength and rigidity

The square shape works to distribute stress evenly. It stops deformation and also augments the vehicle’s entire structural integrity. This improved strength lets manufacturers minimise material usage and weight without undermining safety.

Improved crashworthiness

Square tubes can play an essential part in increasing a motor’s crashworthiness. Their rigid nature means they can absorb and distribute impact energy. It lowers the transfer of G force to the car’s occupants. By using the tubing in key sections like the door frames and chassis, automakers can enhance passenger safety when there is a collision. If you’d like to use our ERW tubes, please let us know.

Flexibility and integration

The tubes’ square shape also makes it easy to join, bolt, and weld them together. This facilitates an efficient assembly procedure. What’s more, the flat exteriors give enough space for mounting accessories, components, and brackets. The result is greater design flexibility. Furthermore, there is the potential to optimise the available space.

Square tube applications

Now, we can move onto the applications for square tubing in this industry. Chassis and frame construction is where we will begin. Both parts are critical for supporting the weight and maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle. Thanks to their features, the tubes have increased in popularity. They provide wonderful torsional stiffness. It minimises flexing, and guarantees precise stability and handling.

Another application is the impact absorption structures. Using square tubing for them can enhance vehicle safety during collisions. The tubes absorb and distribute impact energy efficiently. This lowers the risk of major damage to the passenger compartment.

Then there are the battery enclosures for electric vehicles. The demand for EVs keeps going up. As it happens, the automotive industry faces a challenge. It is one of designing efficient and safe battery enclosures. Square ERW tubes, being rigid and strong, are an excellent pick here. Each enclosure will be capable of supplying protection from exterior impacts. Also, they will guarantee the safety of the motor’s high-voltage parts.

Last on this list is suspension components. It is possible to use square tubes in the design of these components, like control arms for instance. The rigidity and strength of the tube can lead to greater responsiveness and handling. What you will end up with is a more enjoyable driving experience.

Vehicle sustainability

We will finish by discussing square tubing and how it can make vehicles more sustainable. This has become a driving force within the automotive industry. The tubes come with multiple environmental benefits. For example, they allow automakers to lower the weight of vehicles. What we get is lower emissions and superior fuel efficiency. Also, we can recycle metal tubes, making them eco-friendly.

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