Materials for hydraulic tubing

Hydraulic systems can be found in all manner of places today. They are most notable in heavy applications like vehicles, industrial equipment, and tools. However, you can also find them in office chairs, fuel pumps, dishwashers, and more. Many of these require metal tubing or piping to carry fluids to transfer energy. We want to have a look at the main types here, then if you need steel ERW tube, you can come to us.

Carbon steel

ERW tubeThe most common type of hydraulic tubing is steel. Steels are a mix of iron, carbon, and other elements. In some cases the level is minimal, from as low as 0.05% to around 0.3%. However, carbon steel intentionally has a higher level. It can be as high as 2.5%. While that might not sound like much, it has a significant impact on the properties.

The most important thing is the carbon increases the strength because it changes the crystal lattice of the alloy. So, the steels can be stronger and more durable. This is crucial as it means the tubes can support internal and external pressure. While a breakage can occur, it is less likely than with other steels.

Stainless steel

This is an interesting alternative that is still very strong but not to the level of carbon steel. The advantage though is it has between 10% and 12% chromium in the alloy. What that does is give the alloy a fantastic level of corrosion resistance. It resolves the big drawback of carbon steel for a slight loss of strength.

Stainless steel is the best option for hydraulic tubes if the environment is corrosive. It can resist various elements, including moisture, heat, salt air, and various chemicals. This ensures more longevity and reliability for equipment and ERW tube.


The final option is an interesting choice. It lacks the strength of steels, so it is not suitable for high pressure hydraulics. However, it does have really good corrosion resistance. That means it is good for similar environments to stainless steel. The big selling point for copper is the thermal conductivity. That can make it a great choice for thermo-hydraulic applications.

Do you want to order ERW tube?

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