Raw materials can influence the welding quality of tubes

As a business, we commit to meeting the highest standards with our work. Our speciality is providing stellar ERW tubes to clients in any industry. There are plenty of models to choose from here. Examples include various sizes as well as qualities like oval and rectangular. We even have special options like pre-galvanised. Plus, if you need it, we can offer seamless tubing.

One topic surrounding ERW tube we need to talk about is the influence raw materials have on the welding quality when producing them. There are several vital things to note here.

The mechanical properties

ERW tubesThe steel grade most frequently utilised for welded steel tube would be carbon structural steel. Those primary grades used are Q235, Q215, and Q195. The thing to keep in mind here is that the tensile strength and yield point can be too high. What this will do is cause the formation of the steel strip to become tricky. Particularly when the tube wall is thick, the material’s resilience is going to be considerable. What’s more, the steel tube can have huge deformation stress when it is welded. The weld seam is prone to cracks too.

Once the steel strip’s tensile strength surpasses 635 MPa, with its elongation being under 10%, the weld will be vulnerable to cracking. If the tensile strength is less than 300 MPa, it is easy to wrinkle the steel strip because of the soft material employed during the forming procedure.

As you can see, a material’s mechanical properties have a big influence on the quality of ERW tubes. What you need to do is keep the material strength in mind as it can limit forming as well as welding.

The influence of defects

A second thing to think about is the influence of the strip’s surface defects on the tube’s quality. Steel strip can suffer from numerous surface defects. Longitudinal shearing edge, wave shape, and sickle bending are some of them. The wave shape and file bending show up in the cold rolling steel strip rolling operation. This is the result of insufficient control of the level of reduction.

During the tube formation process, the wavy and boring shape shall cause the strip to overturn or run off. This will easily cause lap welding with the tubes and influence their quality. Again, you must monitor the situation here.

We make certain our ERW tubes are suitable

At Union Steel Tubes, we make sure that all of our products are suitable for the clients. Our team does this by subjecting everything to extensive testing. Once they approve the merchandise for use, we arrange to deliver the tube promptly.

So, if you would like to shop with us for ERW tubes, you are welcome to contact us. We can cater for orders of various sizes, including large and small batches.