Does ERW welding add weight to tubes?

In most projects, weight is a major concern. It can be especially so when you are working with steel tubing for things like pipelines, framework, and structural components. It is important to have a clear idea of how much everything will weigh. Getting this figure can be tricky though as there are lots of factors to think about. As the top supplier of ERW steel tubes West Midlands can work with, we can help here.

Many people would think that calculating the tube weight would be easy. However, it can actually be quite tricky. There are factors that can influence it, including the wall thickness, welding and finishing services like galvanisation.

Why can welding add weight?

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsMany forms of welding will increase the weight of the tube because it will use filler material. While this can only weigh a small amount depending on what type you use, it will still add to the overall total. You have to add this to the weight of the steel to get an accurate figure.

You will usually see the largest increase in weight here where you have very deep joints. These can require more filler metal to create a bond. That means you can find a big increase in the total.


While many forms of welding do use filler material, ERW does not. The process here involves using electricity to heat the edges. Then, force is applied to push them together to form a bond. There are several advantages with this practice. However, in terms of weight, the biggest one is that the lack of filler means there is no addition.

So, if weight is a concern and you need to use welded tube, you may be best off looking at ERW. But, you must make sure it is suitable for your project.

Delivering ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

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You can use our tubing for all kinds of projects. We can even offer suggestions if you have an application in mind and are unsure about the diameter, wall thickness, or finish you will need. Our extensive experience can be really useful here.

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