High frequency welding comes in induction and contact forms

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The creation of ERW tubes

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsThere are various forms of tubing, each of which has their own manufacturing methods. The list includes ERW, DOM, SAW, and more. Professionals use the standard welding process to create regular ERW tubes. However, there are other ways of creating them. One of the more famous methods would be high frequency welding.

In the beginning, the ERW tube creation process utilised low frequency A.C. currents. This was a method that people began using in the 1920s. It was popular until 1970. However, in the 70s, a high frequency ERW approach became a better option. This is because the newer method would produce a weld of higher quality.

A big issue with low frequency ERW tube welds is they are vulnerable to selective seam corrosion. Other vulnerabilities include inadequate bonding of the seams and hook cracks. Due to these facts, people don’t use this process to produce tubing anymore.

An induction

There are actually two forms of the high frequency procedure. The first one we are going to cover is high frequency induction welding. Here, the weld current gets transmitted to the substance via a work coil. Said coil is in front of the weld point.

Another fact about the coil is that it doesn’t encounter the tube. The electrical current gets induced into your tubing material via magnetic fields. These fields surround the tube.

The induction welding eradicates contact marks. In addition, it lowers the set-up needed when altering tubing sizes. Get in touch if you need help from the foremost ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has.

Making contact

The second form is high frequency contact welding. What happens is that the weld current gets transferred to the material via contacts. Said contacts ride on the strip. As a result, you apply the weld power directly to your tube. This makes the operation more electrically effective than induction welding.

Due to the higher efficiency, this type of welding is appropriate for high wall thickness and large diameter tube production.

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