Electric flash welding and lap welding differ to the ERW process

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What we are going to do here is discuss how the ERW process works. In addition, we will look at how a few of the other tube forming methods differ from it.


Here we manufacture tubing via cold forming a flat steel sheet. We roll it then use an electric current in order to heat the steel. This happens to a point where the edges are no longer solid and we can force them together. The process forms a bond without needing to use any welding filler material.

An electric flash

Another tube forming process would be electric flash welding. The process is the same as ERW until it comes to heating the edges. Here it is a flash rather than a current. Forcing the edges together will cause a bead to form along the joint seam.

The seams of electric flash welded tubes are vulnerable to hook cracks and corrosion. In addition, the tubes are vulnerable to failures because of hard spots within the plate steel. This can happen due to unintentional steel quenching while the manufacturing takes place.

Lap welding process

With this welding, you heat steel inside a furnace and roll it into a cylinder shape. Next, you scarf the steel plate’s edges. Scarfing consists of you overlaying the interior edge and the opposite side’s tapered edge. From here, the seam gets welded using a welding ball. Once this is done, the tube passes between rollers that force the seam together to fashion a bond. When you compare to more contemporary methods, the tubes you get with this process are not as reliable.

Creating ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

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