Heat treatment affects on ERW tubing

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Electric resistance welding is a high-efficiency, low-cost method of creating tubing. The tubes start as steel strip or plate. Rolling or crimping turns them into a tube. Afterwards, high frequency welding joins the two edges. We have widely used these designs in coiled tubing, oil well casting, and oil and natural gas transmission.

Recent uses for ERW technology

Recently, the world has also employed ERW technology to fashion economical petroleum-grade tubes. Such an approach is partly due to its low costs. Because the ERW operation is a pressurising and heating procedure, the heat hastily vanishes along the crimped plate and metal tube after welding under pressure. The speed it cools can match the steel’s critical cooling pace.

Heat treatment

If the cooling is rapid martensite can form in the steel, thus influencing the welding zone’s performance. Martensite is very hard because a lot of carbon is trapped within it, as a result the entire tube’s behaviour isn’t constant. Therefore, it’s essential to utilise post-weld heat treatments. This will augment the weld zone’s microstructure, guaranteeing consistency of the tube’s attributes. In the end, this lowers corrosion.

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