Choose steel over PVC

Buildings depend on their tubing to keep the structure functioning. The tubes are responsible for things like HVAC systems and plumbing. They can also be structural elements. When choosing between PVC and steel tube, there needs to be an understanding of the attributes of both materials. It’s true that each material has its own advantages. Yet, the features of steel have led to it becoming more suitable for projects. Let’s find out why, then you can come to us for ERW tube if you need it.


ERW tubeThe strength is often essential when you need tubing. It dictates how it can withstand operating conditions like loading and high pressure. Because of the material, steel tubes are stronger than their PVC counterparts. With more robust tube, you need to do less maintenance. Burst tubes and leaks occur much less frequently with steel than PVC. Then there are the heat treatments. These offer steel tubing a higher tensile strength.


In addition to the strength, steel tubes are more durable. Many tubing systems for structures are installed underground. As a result, it is essential that they are durable enough for the conditions. Rather than breaking, steel can bend and still manage to keep its shape despite pressure or vibrations. As for PVC tubes, they can become deformed with time. They can’t withstand the vibration or pressures for the long term.

Heat resistance

Steel tubes also come with a superior heat resistance rating to PVC ones. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that you can use them for other jobs. Petrochemical works are a good example. Tubing here may have to endure high heat and pressures because of extreme operations. For that sole reason, steel is a good pick. This could be ERW tube or seamless. They can withstand the heat without breaking. As for PVC variants, they won’t work well. They lose their usability when temperatures are over 60ºC. The plastic may also soften or melt when it comes into contact with certain substances.


Manufacturers have limitations when it comes to generating different capacities and sizes of PVC tubes. Builders and contractors may have an issue working with them as a result. They might end up buying more tubing to accommodate the work. As opposed to PVC, steel tube is a lot less constrained. There is more versatility. Manufacturers are able to create numerous lengths and diameters.


Finally, steel tubes simply have more uses than PVC. Aside from being found in HVAC and petrochemical systems, you can use them in structural elements. These can be both decorative and functional. It is also possible to use the tube in construction piling. This is necessary in instances where the soil isn’t strong enough to support a whole structure above it or there are issues like moisture level. Tubes give you a more stable structural support. The same cannot be said for PVC tubing. It isn’t great for load bearing or impact situations.

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