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The advantages of using mild steel for your tubing

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsIf you are looking for metal tubing for a project, you need to look at the characteristics of different metals. That will help you to choose the right one for you. This is important as it can have an impact on everything from the strength to the formability. In a number of cases you may decide mild steel is the right option. It is cost effective, strong and useful for various applications. It is a material we regularly deal with as the top ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has. Continue reading

Steel tubing – Do you need ERW or seamless?

Businesses all around the world use high quality steel tubing for a variety of applications. This is because the tubes can offer the perfect characteristics to suit their needs, including good strength. Steel is also cost effective. However, there are different forms to consider. You will need to decide whether you need a seamless variety or if a welded form, such as ERW, is suitable for you. Continue reading

Tubing for precise applications

The number of applications for tubing is growing every day. This is possible due to improvements in engineering technology. With it, a piece of tube can be very accurate to ensure it can meet an array of needs. In addition, there are lots of options in terms of metals and their alloys. If you are looking for ERW tubes for any reason, Union Steel has a great selection to choose from. Continue reading