Is it possible to remove rust from my tubes?

If you have ERW tubes that are beginning to rust, you will want to deal with it before things worsen. Remedies exist that you can use on your own. However, if the issue is substantial, you will likely need to replace your tubing with new materials. Let’s discuss some tips you can use to remove rust.


ERW tubesFirstly, prepare everything you require for the job. Before the rust removing begins, you need to ensure you can do things safely. Shut off the primary valves from the main gas or water line. Also, wear the correct protective gear for the job. If you are going to handle chemicals, see to it that you have the right mask, eye goggles, and gloves. Besides this, you need to work in a well-ventilated area away from pets and people.

One thing you may need to do is scrub rust off tubes. To do it you might need sandpaper, a wire brush, or steel wool. To lower the necessary elbow grease, another possibility would be using power tools. Apart from these, you could also need rust removers. Some individuals use citric acid, vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. There are stronger commercial products too; you can find them in most hardware shops. After this, stock up on protective coatings and primers with rust-inhibiting attributes.

Use abrasive materials

The next thing you need to do is scrub the tube using an abrasive material. Scrubbing is an excellent way to remove rust without resorting to chemicals. If you intend to change the tube’s look, this can also help dispose of the paint.

To begin with, utilise a coarse grinder to take care of most of the rusty areas on the ERW tubes. Remember the corners and seams as well. A detail sander or wire wheel attachment may make this simpler.

Next you can employ fine-grit sandpaper to make certain your tube walls are smooth. Wipe the dust using a cloth prior to doing the next step.

Depending on how bad the rusting is, scrubbing it could be sufficient to remove it. Otherwise, you could have to use other strategies. Just make sure the tube remains in decent shape. You don’t want a fragile or weak material that can burst or crack.

Rust removers

Sometimes the only option is to use removers to help with the job. You will encounter separate methods here. There are ones using citric acid, white vinegar, and lemon juice. Such ingredients are easy to find in supermarkets. They can work because the acid may get rid of rust.

If the home remedies aren’t strong enough, you can use chemicals made for this particular purpose. Some classic rust-removers have strong acids, so follow the instructions properly. Meanwhile, newer non-toxic and acid-free solutions exist that you can use to soak your ERW tubes. They will work slower, meaning you’ll need patience.

Another option would be using rust converters. These are items that prevent it from spreading. If you compare to chemical removers, they work faster and demand less effort. The sole disadvantage is a rough finish that will be visible even with paint.

Special coatings

Finally, you should use special coatings to stop future rusting. If you successfully remove rust from your tubes, you can rinse them to dispose of chemical traces. Following this, you can dry them using a towel. To increase the lifespan of your newly clean tube, you should repaint using a rust-inhibiting coating. You will discover these in an aerosol-type or brush-on form.

What you do here is put a primer made for metal exteriors on before the main product itself. When you are using the paint, cover the whole tube, not just the sections that were rusty. Following this, you can seal using a topcoat.

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