You should re-tube your ageing homes

We are an ISO 9001 Registered Company that excels in providing first class ERW tubes. There are numerous shapes and sizes available in our collection. As a result, we’re capable of meeting a wide array of specifications. Another thing that we do is test every tube before they delivery. This way, we can ensure quality every time.

Older homes experience a number of plumbing concerns. Tubes can experience deformation, root damage, and corrosion. This can lead to problems like low water pressure and clogging. In these situations, the tubing is likely to have come to the end of its lifespan. You’ll need to do some re-tubing. What we’re going to do here is list some of the reasons why you need to re-tube your ageing structures.

Improving the water flow

ERW tubesFirstly, you’ll be able to improve the water flow. Because of worn out and old tubes, you may struggle to do straightforward tasks. Examples include filling up the bath, having a shower, and flushing the toilet. This is because your tubing is damaged or clogged. It may be due to the tubes being so worn out there are leaks. Depending on how severe the complication is, re-tubing could be your only option.

Metal tubes corrode from inside with time. Eventually, the material becomes too thin. It can occur as the years pass. So, the decrease in water flow occurs gradually. If you live in an older house, you’ve likely made full use of the tubes already. In this scenario, you’ll need to do an overhaul.

Preventing structural harm

The second reason is to stop structural damage. If you leave them be, older tubes can result in massive problems for your house. For example, you may be unaware that there is water leaking in a hidden section of the structure. This could result in problems that lower the property’s value. Or, they will need lengthy repairs.

To give an example, water can lead to darks spots showing up on the walls and ceilings. In some cases, the paint can flake, bubble, and crack. The damp areas can start smelling mouldy or musty as well. Leaks can cause electrical outlets to short-circuit too. If worse comes to worst, a fire could start.

If you own older gas tubes, corrosion can also affect them. Besides blocking gas flows, the material can rupture with time. The result would be catastrophic leaks. It can result in an explosion or fires. If you’re living in an older property, examine your gas and water tubes regularly. Let us know if you’re after high calibre ERW tubes.

Lowering the danger of health conditions

Our next reason is that you can minimise the risk of health conditions. Tubes at the end of their lifespans need replacing straight away. This is especially true for ones used in the water supply. Otherwise, corrosion can contaminate it. You can see this when it turns orange, showing that rust is in the water. Here, re-tubing is your only option.

Leaks caused by degrading gas tubes can be problematic for health too. Inhaling it can result in physical symptoms such as eye irritation, breathing concerns, nausea, dizziness, and headache. Persistent exposure can cause unconsciousness or fatality.

For leaks that are very small, you may not smell anything. However, utility companies add mercaptan to help us identify when gas is leaking. It is a substance that smells like rotten eggs. The moment you smell it, exit the building ASAP. Leave the door open and contact emergency services.

Upgrade your tubing materials

In older properties, there can be some unsuitable or defective tubes that need replacing with something better. Plastic tubing for example could deform thanks to extreme heat. Or, there may be some traditional tube that is not suitable in modern times. Lead tubes are a good example. For stronger and more cost efficient ones, go for steel.

Long term value

Initially, it might appear time consuming. But, re-tubing will come with long term value. You can eradicate the complications with old tube. Besides supplying convenience and enhancing quality of life, it can minimise costs linked to damage and repairs. By getting rid of the leak, you can lower water and gas bills.

Apart from this, re-tubing can help if you’re going to sell in the future. Potential buyers are more likely to bite when everything is new.

Use our high quality ERW tubes

At Union Steel, we supply a plethora of finishes in addition to a massive choice of tubing sizes and shapes. Our options include deburred, or chrome and zinc plated. You have plenty of options to choose from. We’ll get them delivered to you rapidly too. For urgent orders, same-day deliveries are a possibility.

So, please let us know if you need great ERW tubes. We’ll get you the products you need for competitive prices.