You must have roof edge protection installed

People come to shop with us because they know there will be an excellent selection of tubes here. Our ERW tube is available in oval, square, rectangular, and round forms. In addition, we have special options such as galvanisation and seamless tubing. As you can see, there is plenty on offer to ensure we can satisfy many needs.

Safety is not a burden

ERW tubeOur tubes help to build many different things, with one of the most important being roof edge protection solutions. These are essential in lots of areas, whether people work on the roof regularly or just for periodic maintenance.

There are numerous establishments out there that still see safety as being a burden on them. They could believe that it is too complex, onerous, or costly. Something else that is typically present here is the whole “it will never happen to me” mentality. Many small and large organisations think this. Sadly there are also those who only realise they are wrong when someone does get hurt. However, with things like edge protection, they should never take risks.

Something else to note is that there is a certain law here that they must comply with; the Work at Height Regulations 2005. The legislation aims to stop injuries and deaths that occur due to falling from a height. If you control works at heights or are an employer, the Regulations will apply to you. This includes building owners that contract others to operate at heights and facilities managers. Contact us if you need to use our ERW tube products.

Make yourself aware of the law

What does this mean exactly? Well, if you control work at height, or you are the employer of people that work at height, you need to make yourself aware of this law. You must also adhere to it. Falls account for more serious construction injuries and deaths than anything else. Additionally, roofers make up 24% of the individuals killed in falls from heights. Roofers belong to one of the biggest categories of workers too.

Working on a roof is highly risky. A fall from here shall inevitably result in a serious injury at minimum. It does not matter what the job is or how long someone spends on the roof; there should be protection in place to save them if there is a problem.

Roof edge protection shall be mandatory during the majority of works on flat roofs. It is also necessary when people work on surfaces with any kind of slope. Your protection has to be strong enough to endure the materials and people falling against it. In some cases it also needs to be stable enough for people to attach safety lines to.

Come to us for top tier ERW tube goods

At Union Steel Tubes, we want the best for our customers and nothing less. For this reason, we test each tube to ensure that everything is fine. Only the products that meet our standards can go out to clients. This ensures they are high quality, meeting the specs for shape, sizing, tolerance, and surface finish.

So, if you would like to order our ERW tube items, or would like to discuss them with us, you can get in touch. Our team are experts with tubing and can offer advice about using these products for lots of applications, including edge protection systems.