Working pressure and exterior finishes are vital factors for steel tubes

Our business is one that has been providing stellar ERW tube products for many years. With more than 200 different sizes available, we can meet every client’s specifications with ease. This is true even if you have something very specific in mind. In addition, we test all tubes thoroughly. By doing so, we can ensure that each one is free of faults and ready for use.

Stainless steel tubes are versatile products that you can use in a plethora of applications. Since the uses here are so varied, so are the types and sizes of tube that are available. It is essential for you to pick the correct tubing for your needs. This is if you intend to guarantee the stability and performance of the final project over time. By performing an extensive analysis of your specifications, you can figure out what attributes matter the most. We will be discussing some of the most important factors that play a part here.

Is there enough pressure?

ERW tubeThe first factor is working pressure. The substances that shall pass through your tubes following installation are frequently pressurised. You must know what you estimate the pressure to be. Only then can you invest in ERW tube or seamless models that will be stable when you pressurise them.

You can calculate the wall thickness you will need using Barlow’s formula. However, it demands that you understand your working pressure. You also need to know the tensile strength of the metal. In addition, you have to know the outer diameter of the tube you intend to use.

Looking at the exterior

The exterior finish is another factor we want to discuss. Some common finishes include milled, polished, and bright annealed. You achieve the latter through the heat-treatment of stainless steel tubes in specialist furnaces. Such an operation generates a mirror-like, smooth finish that is incredibly attractive. The tubes are great for projects where they will be visible.

You can also create aesthetically pleasing stainless steel tubes with polishing. It won’t be as clear as with annealing though, just so that you know. Excess materials get smoothed away from the tube exterior during polishing. The result is a tube you can use in visible and hidden applications.

As for the milled finish, this is the most basic variety available. You hot roll the stainless steel and cleanse it using an acid solution. This eradicates the scale build up that occurs in hot-rolling.

We will get you the ERW tube you require

At Union Steel Tubes, we commit to delivering the highest standards to every customer. In fact, we are an ISO9001 company. That means we take quality very seriously.

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