Why do people like using steel tubes in construction?

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One question that clients often ask us is why are steel utensils the ideal materials to utilise in construction? Structural steel provides several attributes that make it the best option. This is a metal that is able to do it all. It unites the visual aesthetic, wood’s recyclable traits, and concrete’s strength. Below, we have even more details about why it is preferable to use steel in construction.


Steel tubing - constructionFirstly, we will talk about the strength. Structural steel is naturally robust. It has great tensile strength so it outperforms many materials.

In addition, you can use it to reinforce other building substances. That is why you can see it in use to add strength to concrete.

Punching holes or slots in steel does not alter its strength considerably. Therefore, it is easy to create steel structures using various fixings.

Steel does an excellent job at enduring temperature changes as well. The temperatures can be as low as -100ºC and has high as 900ºC. If steel tubing is what you need for your construction efforts, please speak to us.


Another reason why people use steel in construction is due to the material’s recyclability. Manufacturing steel is something that demands huge amounts of energy. However, recycling can save a massive quantity of that energy. In some cases, it can be as much as 75%. This is particularly true for second-hand steel that has not been reprocessed.

People have worked hard throughout the years to increase the usage of recycled and second-hand steel. It is possible to reclaim it from structures during dismantling or demolition. Steel is an endlessly recyclable substance that does not suffer a drop in strength, quality, and other characteristics. So, if you are aiming for eco-friendly long-term construction, it is a great metal to use.


People deliberately leave structural steel visible as an aesthetic choice. Due to its permanence, the buildings that use it have a greater chance of standing the tests of time.

Buying steel tubing

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