Why are my tubes failing?

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Tubes are essential materials. They move waste, gas, and potable water around a structure. Aside from offering convenience, the majority of buildings can’t work without them. Because we use them externally and internally though, they are vulnerable to impairment. Read on to discover more about the topic of tube failure.

Water velocity

ERW tubeHigh pressure is something you need to watch out for because the actual tube might not be able to stand excessive force. The valves and joints can move out of position too, producing leaks. If you are not doing regular inspections, don’t expect to detect such issues with ease.

Besides this, frequent velocity changes might lead to water hammering. It can happen when a valve suddenly closes, leading to the water slamming against it. You will likely hear loud thumping or knocking noise. Initially, it might appear harmless. However, the continuous force can harm the tubes or valve over the long term.

To stop the issue, take preventative measures like installing pressure regulators. Tubing with air chambers is also a viable idea. Contact us if you need an ERW tube.


Apart from supply lines, properties need tubes for sewage and drainage as well. This leaves them susceptible to clogging. It can be detrimental to a tube’s life expectancy. In addition, it can cause some very unpleasant issues if waste or water can’t drain away.

Objects capable of causing blocking include toilet paper, oil, food waste, dirt, and hair. Apart from these inanimate objects, flora can cause early tube failure. Underground drainage pipes near trees can get destroyed or plugged because of growing roots. They can also cause corrosion.

To stop these issues, make sure you dispose of everything correctly. Don’t flush anything you shouldn’t and be careful what you pour down sinks. Plus, keep an eye on anything that grows near your property.


Ground movement won’t do tubing that many favours either. A natural incident like an earthquake can cause extreme failure. Even frost heave can lead to problems. The tubes are often designed to be stationary so there is minimal allowance for motion. Due to its rigidity, the force of ground movement can force tube walls to crack.

Inadequate installation can become the cause of regular vibrations too. Regular trembling and rattling can undermine a tube’s integrity. You might have to use attachments if you experience this issue.

Extreme temperatures

Temperature is also a concern as far as tube damage goes. Not every model can endure extreme levels of cold and heat. In cold conditions water in drainage and supply lines can freeze, resulting in a blockage. Trying to increase flow won’t do you any favours. The high pressure will harm the tube and its components.

On the other hand, too much sunlight can make the tubing brittle. This can appear normal at first. But, once the water velocity increases, a rupture might occur.

To guarantee maximum longevity and efficiency, you must choose the right tubes. Do this for separate applications and also make sure you consider the temperatures.

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