What does it mean to be ISO 9001 approved?

Union Steel was established in 2004 and specialise in the creation and manufacturing of steel ERW tube. We have earned a reputation for creating modern and reliable products, ensuring satisfaction for all our clients. Businesses and individuals put their trust in us because we are ISO 9001 approved and set the very highest standards.

You may now be thinking, what does being ISO 9001 approved mean? Let us provide a brief explanation.

ISO 9001 is the title of a document that states quality specifications an organisation must maintain in their work. It is an internationally recognised system representing quality management. The standard helps businesses to obtain consistent results whilst improving the process continuously.

The continual improvement assures clients will always benefit by receiving our services. Meeting the legal requirements benefits our company also. ISO 9001 came into force in 2008 and is now the only valid certificate for quality management.

The resource impact of ISO 9001 is that you are given the option of using pre-formatted solutions for documentation and training. Or, you can follow your own business’ process, which may require you to do things yourself. The latter may result in lower costs, but more time may be required.

A business can go a long way using ISO 9001. The standard can offer general management systems that help with documentation, the organisation, and the definition of how your business runs its overall operation. This can be useful for checking performance and assessing goals.

Being ISO 9001 certified just shows our clients that they can rely on us to produce consistent quality products for them. We called upon we listen to our customer’s requirements and ensure we focus on delivering the very best results. All of this has enabled us to deliver the best services in regards to producing and supplying ERW tube.

When you have questions in regards to our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.