What are good options for tube storage?

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The oil and gas industry depends on miles of pressure-resistant, high strength tubing. Without it, businesses can’t move their products from the drill site to gas distribution centres or oil refineries. Any flaw within the tubes represents the loss of valuable resources. The flaws are also a danger to the environment. They can include holes in the tubes, a crack, or leaks at a junction.

With the risks in mind, the oil and gas businesses have to rely on first rate products to guarantee the integrity of their systems. This is particularly true during tube transportation and storage.

Why is good storage so important?

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsWhen people store tubes, they risk damaging them. The big issue here is they come into constant contact with one another. What this does is create potential for friction or impact damages. Both can harm the surface of the tubing. In turn it can mean the tube is more prone to corrosion from exposure to extreme temperatures. Contaminants or moisture can also cause it.

Thankfully, multiple products exist that reduce contact and motion between tubes. They can make it easier to store the tubes safely. We want to look at some of them here. Then, if you need help from the leading ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has, you can ask us.

Storage racks

A storage system’s design is an integral element of tube protection. A secure tube rack should be of the right size. This is so it can support the weight, diameter, and length of the tubes you need to store.

Certain systems demand that tubes be fastened in place. There are also designs that can securely support tubes with adjustable blocking. It is important to look at the options and decide which is best for you.

The material of a storage rack is also crucial. It should be UV resistant, flexible, and strong. Just keep in mind that if it fails, it could damage all the tubing.

Bumper rings

You fit these thin rings snugly around the exterior of your tubes. Normally, you need them in the middle and at both ends. Similar to the bumpers on a car, the rings safeguard the tubing from impact with one another, creating some separation.

Tubing chocks

These are pyramid-shaped wedges that you position underneath a tube. You do this on either side to hold them in place. Sometimes you will need them several locations along the length of your tubes too. You could be utilising a storage rack that doesn’t individually hold every tube in wedged slots. If so, it is wise to use the chocks throughout a stack to eradicate motion and support the tubes.

Threaded protectors

You fit these to the end of tubes to safeguard the metal threads. This keeps them safe from corrosion and wear. Comprised of durable plastic, threaded protectors effectively tackle extreme temperatures, weather conditions and contaminants. Defending the ends of tubes is vital for making them leak-proof and functional during their lifespans.


There may be a scenario where small scratches or nicks happen with tube. Here, it is possible to utilise compounds to fill these spots. It will protect them from any additional damage, particularly corrosion.

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