Uniformity is a big advantage for ERW steel tube

One of the biggest advantages with ERW tubing is the uniformity. It has far less variance than seamless tube. This is because of how they are made. We want to have a closer look at how manufacturers ensure the products are uniform. Then, if you want to order quality products from the leading ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands, you can speak to us.

Starting with the right raw materials

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsThe first big difference with manufacturing ERW and seamless tube is the raw form of the steel. With welded tubing you begin with steel plate, strips, or coils. You then roll or bend it into shape depending on whether you want round, oval, square, or rectangular tubes. You finish with welding to bond the two edges together.

However, with seamless tube you can’t do it like that. There are a couple of different processes you can use instead. One starts off with a steel billet that you form into a round. You roll and stretch this with huge pressure to get the shape and create a hole. Next you pierce it with a piercer or draw it through a mandrel rod. This creates an accurate hollow. You finish off with more forming until the dimensions are right.


The major advantage with ERW tube is you can effectively control the dimensions of the steel you start with. As a result, you can make sure the plate, strip, or coil has a consistent thickness. It will retain this consistency when you roll it to create the tubing. As a result, the wall thickness will be uniform around the circumference. We work to achieve this, ensuring we are the top ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands.

It is a little harder to get this level of uniformity with seamless. The main issue is the piercer or mandrel rod could be slightly off centre. Or, the round itself could be. There could also be an issue with the final rolling and forming. Ultimately, it can mean the wall thickness is not consistent at every point.

Why does it matter?

The uniformity is important for a number of reasons. The most notable is it can ensure consistency with flow rates and pressure. If you are using the tube to transport any kind of substance, whether it is water, natural gas, oil, or anything else, you want the flow to be sustainable and the pressure to be consistent. It is even more important as the lines get longer. So, ERW tube can be the best option.

Do you want products from the best ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands?

Union Steel Tubes has a huge amount of experience creating high quality tubing. We offer a broad selection of products, including a choice of shapes in different diameters and wall thicknesses. The tube will have great uniformity and consistency.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions or queries. One thing that makes us the leading ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands is we can provide exceptional advice. It can ensure our clients select the right tubing.