Understanding ISO 9001 Certification For ERW Tube

ISO 9001 certification is a well known indication that a company is committed to quality. You can expect them to offer a fantastic service and great products as a result. At Union Steel Tubes we take such great pride in the fact that our products meet the standards of ISO 9001, we felt it would be appropriate to share some information on the subject.

A good starting point is, we believe, to understand just what ISO means. A quite common assumption made is that it stands for “International Standards Organization”, as essentially this is what the certification means. Whilst this is a clearly easy to understand assumption and is a correct understanding of what they do, it is all the same inaccurate. ISO in fact took its name from the Greek word “isos”, which translates as “equality”.

In respect of this actual meaning, you can see how the assumed definition is not entirely wrong. ISO stands to measure the best standards and practices around the world, with each different approach compared and measured for both efficiency and quality. For ISO 9001 certification to be awarded a business must show that it delivers a manufacturing process and an end product which meets the highest standards achieved in the same field around the world.

When a project or manufacturing process requires ERW tube a leading priority is always going to be ensuring that only the best products available are used. The ISO 9001 certification process exists to ensure that such supplies are easily identified. This in turn makes it easier for people to decide which supplier to order from.

We are committed to ensuring that we make varieties ERW tube that meet the standards required of ISO 9001 certification, yet do so in a way that maintains the lowest cost possible. We offer a very wide range of products, including both stock and bespoke options. With both you can expect the same seal of quality.