Tube cutting machines are extremely beneficial

We have been providing specialist ERW tubes to clients for a long time. Each one has specific requirements that we must meet. In response, we have an extensive collection of merchandise in stock. This includes over 200 different sizes and a range of shapes. There are even specialist options like pre-galvanised and seamless for optimum choice. So, you should have no problem finding what you need.

Tube cutters in the modern day

ERW tubesAnother area we excel in is tube cutting. Modular tube and profile cutting mechanisms are now a common sight in the world of tube fabrication. The technology evolved because the need for tubes has continued to increase. Modern equipment can handle an extensive list of projects. Examples include tube for power plant construction, pipelines, and tank applications. Because of this, these efficient, precise, and powerful pieces of equipment can be a wise investment.

What we want to do in this post is highlight some of the benefits of using tube cutting mechanisms.

Streamlined processes

One benefit is that you can streamline your processes. When cutting ERW tubes using physical blades, imperfections and metal shavings can happen. This means that you may need to use more shaping and cleaning processes. The edges will be nearly flawless if you use a tube cutting machine. Not only this, but the slag from the operation can be easily collected. You can do so using a waste collection drawer. Numerous laser cutters supply automatic unloading, alignment, and loading. This reduces the requirement for operators to do several procedures, so it can save a lot of time.

A considerable range of cutting techniques

Many projects can benefit from CNC machinery’s high degree of precision and control. Laser tube cutting isn’t an exception either. Depending on what equipment you use, you could rely on it to make bevel cuts. It is the same for etchings, slots, angle cuts, and more. All this is in addition to vertical cuts. Standard laser cutters are capable of carrying out a lot of these tasks relatively well. However, bear in mind that they are not designed to work with cylindrical substances.

Stronger tube ends

Aside from creating cleaner cuts, another advantage of a laser tube cutting machine is that you don’t need mechanical force to make cuts. A CNC punching mechanism will typically employ physical force to break through the material. This will only place tension on the surrounding material and can weaken it. When you use a laser cutter, tubes are far more likely to be stronger at both ends. Contact us if you require first rate tube cutting for your ERW tubes.

Machines for specialist purposes

You can use cutting machines for specialist purposes as well. You might end up with many requests for tubes with custom shapes. If so, the right machine will enhance efficiency and performance. You will be able to maximise throughput for generating custom-cut tubes. Modern machines can provide a huge amount of profile and tube cutting possibilities. This is possible for various industrial applications, such as shipbuilding, steel construction, power plants, and offshore applications.

Seam detection

An impressive feature of some of the machines is they can include software capable of detecting seams. They have light sources and cameras that distinguish seams outside and inside of your tubes. When it finds them, the machine shall rotate the tube to lower the risk of any possible complications.

We will get you the ERW tubes you need

At Union Steel Tubes, we are able to provide any length of tubing you need. It could be stock sizes or bespoke lengths. This is possible thanks to our production methods and cutting service. What’s most important to us is that you receive the ideal utensil to fit all of your specifications.

If you would like to discuss the details of ERW tubes with us, feel free to get in touch. We are one of the very best experts in our industry, so rely on us to deliver quality solutions.