Today’s steel manufacturing process

Steel is the globe’s most popular material for construction as it has a unique combination of workability, durability and cost. It was reported in 2016 that the global production of the metal reached a number of 1,628.5 million tonnes. Some of the largest steel producing countries are Japan, China, India and the US; with China making up 50%.
Since the beginning of steel production in the late 19th century, methods for manufacturing it have evolved. The modern techniques however are still based on the original Bessemer Process which uses oxygen to reduce the carbon content present in iron. The method it can be defined in some steps:

Ironmaking methods use raw elements coke, iron ore, and lime. These are melted in a blast furnace. The molten iron produced still contains impurities such as carbon, making it brittle.

With Primary Steelmaking, there are two methods; the modern EAF and BOS methods. BOS includes recycling scrap steel to molten iron in a converter. Oxygen is blown through the metal at high temperatures, which helps to lessen the carbon content to 0-1.5%.

On the other hand, with EAF methods a high powered electric arc is used so the metal is melted and converted into high quality steel. Secondary Steelmaking is similar; the only difference is the molten material must be treated by removing or adding elements.

Continuous Casting is when molten steel is cast into a cooled mould which solidifies a thin steel shell; then the strands created can be cut into desired sizes. Primary Forming uses a cast for hot rolling to form various shapes; a process that can eliminate any cast defects. Seamless tubes, long products, and specialty ones are among hot rolled components.

Finally, when it comes to fabrication, manufacturing and finishing, fabricators use these techniques; machining, shaping, coating, and joining. The end result is unique products to meet a variety of needs.

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