There is no reason not to use welded steel tubes

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ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsAround the time of the industrial revolution, there was a huge need for tubes capable of transporting gas. One of the original manufacturing methods to create them was butt-welding heated, curved strip. These days, people are still using similar techniques to create tubes. An enhancement on the hot-pressure butt-weld was created in 1921. This process uses electric resistance to produce the welds. We still produce steel tubing this way by roll forming coils of continuous strip into a tube shape. Next, we weld the longitudinal seam.

Evolving welding

The procedure of welding tubes has also had an evolution over the years. It had to so it could match the specifications of different applications and augment the quality. It now includes cold drawing, straightening, and annealing. There are also multiple testing methods to suit the customer requirements. If you require assistance from the top ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has, give our team a call.

Lots of benefits

Welded steel tubing is normally selected for its smaller cost compared to seamless models. In addition, the lead times are superior to the latter. Welding typically enables you to create thinner walls at bigger diameters too. They are also available in longer lengths.

With more alloys available from coil, this steel tubing provides lower lead times and flexibility. This is in applications used for hydraulic systems, heat transfer, and mechanical purposes.

Fluid transportation

People tend to use steel tubes to transport all sorts of fluids between locations. This includes beer, paint, propane, gas, oil, and water. In some instances, you can also meet pipe specifications. You can do so by employing tubing manufacturing procedures.


Tubing tends to cost more than pipe on a per lb basis. This is because of the higher performance criteria and tighter manufacturing tolerances. The costs are well worth it though.

Lots of shapes

Something else to note about tubes is that you can manufacture them into a multitude of shapes. Examples include rectangular and square designs. As a result there are options to suit even more needs.

The top ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands

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