The importance of understanding the melting point of metals

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There are plenty of different uses for metal tubing. Many people choose them because of their capacity to endure extreme conditions. This includes caustic environments, high impacts, and even very high temperatures. Exhaust systems, high-speed machinery, and furnaces are all subject to the latter. Said temperatures can lead to certain metals melting.

From solid to liquid

When procuring tubing for high temperature projects, you must evaluate the metal’s melting point. This will give you a better idea of if the tubes will suit your project.

The melting point is the temperature where a metal starts to morph from its solid state to its liquid one. At it, the solid and liquid phases exist in symmetry. Once the metal is completely liquid, you can continue to increase the temperature of the substance.

Metal failure

There are many critical temperatures that a metal gets to as you heat it. This can happen either because of the application or via metalworking. However, the melting temperature remains the most significant. One reason for this is that full component failure can happen as soon as a metal reaches it. The failures can occur prior to a substance reaching the melting point. However, once it does reach it and gets to its liquid phase, it can’t serve its purpose anymore. For example, should an important component melt, a furnace won’t work.

Metals at their most formable

There is also another reason why the melting temperature is so noteworthy. It is because metals are at their most formable when in liquid form. People melt them for a myriad of processes, including casting. When doing this, you need to know the temperature at which the metal will be liquid. This way, you can choose the most suitable materials for the equipment you are using.

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