The ideal tubes for compressed air systems

A compressed air system provides valuable resources to a building. The air serves a multitude of uses, including industrial and commercial operations. For example, it can be necessary for the operation of machines and running air tools. With so many uses in all sorts of businesses, you need top tier materials for your system. Read on to find out all the important information you need to know about these systems and using ERW tube.

How does compressed air tubing work?

Whether you have a large refinery or a small auto service business, an air compression system can be integral. You likely won’t get work done without it. However, you need the right tubing to install the system correctly. It must be able to supply the air you need.

The vital thing here is that not any old tube will do the job. You have to think about pressure, quality, and the volume you need to power the equipment. You will need your tubes to be leak-free and have few pressure drops to preserve facility operations. Contact us if you need stellar ERW tube products.

The preferred materials

ERW tubeIf you’re looking to reduce facility downtime, you must select the right tubes. Should you fail to do so, your system will eventually crack under pressure. If this happens, you can’t depend on standard repairs. Instead you will probably have to replace the tubing. It can be expensive if you do it sooner than expected. So, you need durable and tough materials that will last and endure extreme pressures.

Due to this, the most commonly employed material for air supply lines is metal. Such heavy duty tubes can hold out against high air temperatures and pressures. Furthermore, they have a proven safety track record.

Steel tubes are often the best choice for applications as they resist abuse. You can expect them to have enough rigidity to put up with warping, fractures, and blowouts. It is also safe to use oils and compressor lubricants without the material deteriorating. Not to mention, since the tubes have been in use for so long, technicians know how to install them.

Factors influencing tubing layout

After you get a hold of your tubes, you must decide how to take care of the installation. The layout will come down to how big your space is. Aside from this, there are general factors you need to remember for your system to operate effectively.

An important detail is remembering how to lower pressure drops. When massive fluctuations happen, your facilities could experience higher energy costs and downtime.

Pipe sizing is important here too. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution with custom air compressor systems. For instance, if it’s not big enough, you can’t provide sufficient pressure for every device. Thus, if you must extend your tubing, it will need a bigger diameter. A loop system would prove advantageous too since the air can flow in multiple directions.

Then there are the tube bends. Besides size, sharp angles also influence pressure drops. The reason why is that airflow slows down when it comes through the bends. When examining calculations, this is equal to several feet of air pressure drop. If you can’t avoid them, you should use gentle bends up to 45ยบ.

We provide the best ERW tube for various needs

At Union Steel Tubes, we strive to offer clients only the very best in tubing. As such, we have high standards and focus on quality management. Our delivery system is impressive too. If you have an emergency, we may be able to deliver on the same day. In other cases, next day deliveries are typical.

So, if you need ERW tube, you can rely on us. Get in touch and ask us about sizes and specifications.