The advantages of constructing buildings with steel

Ours is a business that is well known for providing stellar steel ERW tubes. We handle orders of varying sizes. This allows us to meet the diverse needs of each client. In addition, we work with numerous sizes and styles of tubing, as well as special options like pre-galvanised and seamless.

One place that steel tubes can be very useful is in the construction industry. The metal itself quickly became a go to material for building. It is often viewed as being a critical component of contemporary housing and buildings. In recent years, production has hit the millions of tonnes. The material is viable for the majority of projects. Even better, it offers a host of benefits. Many plans depend on these advantages for structural safety reasons.


ERW tubesWe would like to start by discussing the availability. Steel’s widespread adoption makes finding it easy. This is the case as both pre-made components like tubes and as a raw alloy. Fabricated parts shall typically be openly sold ready to use. Due to this fact, it is possible to work under tighter restrictions and access many parts when you need to.

Usually you can order your steel components the moment you agree on your plans. This would save time that you would typically spend waiting for them to arrive on site. You will have additional time to find appropriate storage and check measurements. These issues could cause delays otherwise.


With the weight, steel’s general lightweight nature makes it simple to move over land and lift using cranes. This lowers the amount of fuel you use on site. Furthermore, it can make it much easier for people to tear buildings down.

Something else the low weight can do is help with rebuilding and moving structures. For instance, you could potentially dismantle a warehouse and rebuild it a mile away. This is by using minimal steel except for the components that already exist. Speak to us if you need any first rate ERW tubes.


Finally, steel is one of the most sustainable materials. The desire for making eco-friendly buildings is only getting bigger. As this is happening, the metal shall only become more convenient for construction projects. You can recycle it easily and don’t have to permanently dispose of it. Therefore, you can repurpose temporary supports and buildings when you need to.

We test ERW tubes until we achieve perfection

At Union Steel Tubes, we carefully test every tube in our inventory. As long as we find no faults, we supply them to the client. As a result, whenever people use our services, they know they are working with individuals that deliver stellar goods.

So, if you want to buy our ERW tubes, please let us know. We can offer lots of choice in terms of size, shape, wall thickness, and specifics like galvanised.