Steel tubes are pivotal to offshore wind farms

At one time the UK was an authority on steel production. It was pivotal to our economic development. Today buyers can still get high quality products from producers here. We play a part with this, holding our place as the top ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands. Our tubing is high quality and can cater for a huge array of applications.

An interesting use for steel tubes is energy. You can find the tube in all kinds of places in the industry. This includes classic applications like pipelines and drilling rigs. However, it is also in use with newer tech such as wind, hydro, and geothermal.

The UK has become a world leader in offshore wind farms. We develop technology that is used here and various other parts of the globe. These installations produce clean, renewable energy. As a result, the government is pledging to invest more with the goal to get enough power from wind to supply every home.


ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsThe UK is in a great geographical location when it comes to wind power. We have a huge amount of coastline to take advantage of. As a result, there is the chance to install large wind farms off the coast. There are already a number operational in different locations. Plus, there are plans for more.

One of the biggest challenges with offshore wind farms is ensuring the turbines will be stable and secure. Each turbine is tall, typically hundreds of feet. To ensure stability, they need the right foundations. This is even more important in the sea because the structures have to deal with loading from the water as well as the wind.

There are generally two options for the foundations. The first is fixed bottom. Here you can drive steel tubes into the seabed to support the whole structure above. Or there can be a framework to stand on the seabed. However, it will need to be heavy enough to ensure it won’t shift.

The second option is floating platforms. You have a platform that floats on the surface and the turbine rises from it. A mooring system holds them in place.

Fixed bottom foundations are generally better for the UK. We have a geographical advantage here thanks to the continental shelf and relatively shallow water. In places the sea is only around 60m deep and the seabed below is stable. So, it is better to fix the foundations in place.

With more focus on clean energy and wind farms, steel tubing will likely remain in high demand. In fact, demands could increase as more territories look to create infrastructure.

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