Should you choose ERW tubes for shop racks?

At Union Steel Tubes we understand why people look at ERW tube as an option for various different products. It can be great for creating pipelines, furniture, handrails, and more. It is also a top choice for all kinds of shop fittings, including racks, rails, and even counters. Below you can find out a little more about why you should consider the tubing for the racking for your shop fit out.

Visual merchandising

Many retails have been having a very hard time over the last few years. The market and buying behaviour has changed dramatically. Now most people only go to physical shops because of the experience they have here and because they are drawn in by displays. To get the latter right, you need to be able to display products effectively. The right racks can help with this.

What you need to think about here is what you are displaying and how you will show it. These are both crucial to success in visual merchandising. Some products may look wonderful hanging from ERW tube racks. Others will be better in more natural displays such as on bookcases.

What to think about

There are a number of key things to keep in mind when you choose racks.

ERW tubeFirstly is the functionality. Do you need a rack to hold lots of products? Or do you want something to display a few? What maximum weight will it need to hold? Does it need to be freestanding or do you want it to attach to the wall? Does it need to move or is static okay?

The location is important too. Do you have a small retail space or a large amount of room? Where do you want to place items to draw people in? Or do you want to have displays of the most popular staples somewhere that ensures people need to walk through the rest of the shop to get to them?

It is also a good idea to think ahead to refitting and rearranging your shop. This may seem like a strange thing to consider when you are looking at the first fit out, but it is useful to plan for the future. It can help you to choose racks and fittings that you can easily adapt if you change your mind on displays.

Why use ERW tube?

There are a number of things that make ERW one of the best choices for racks. Firstly, they are cost effective so it won’t cost you a huge amount to buy them. Secondly, they are strong. While they may not be structural steel, the tubing can create racks able to support a lot of weight. Thirdly, they can be incredibly flexible. There are several ways to adapt straight sections of tube to create different shapes. This can even include curves and angles. That means you could make bespoke racks to suit your space and needs.

If that wasn’t all, ERW tube tends to have tight tolerances and good surface finishes. Both are great for the aesthetics. As a result, you can create racks that are great to look at and touch.

Do you want to order high quality products?

Union Steel Tubes is one of the biggest producers of ERW tubing in the UK. We have our own facilities, including mills with high quality equipment. As a result, we can offer consistency with all of our products. Plus, we can provide a very broad range that includes a choice of shape, wall thickness, and diameter. We even provide professional cutting in house to cater for almost any length requirements.

So, if you want to use ERW tube to create racks, other retail installations, or anything else, trust us to provide the materials you need. Simply get in touch today to let us know your specifications or for advice.