Short delivery times without sacrificing quality

As the ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands loves, we thought that we would let you in on the reasons so many people choose us.

Fast Delivery

A lot of companies who provide steel tubes require a lead time of a week or even longer. When you come to us, we can offer a much shorter delivery time, often even the next day. We can also arrange same day delivery and collection for those urgently needed orders.


You may be thinking that with the speed of our service that the quality of our products suffers. This is not something you have to worry about with us. The reason we are able to offer such fast delivery of our goods is due to the fact that we stock long lengths of tubing. They are cut to the correct size upon request so that we can send them out as soon as possible.

We don’t rush our process; we always use our knowledge and expertise throughout. All our products undergo careful testing too. This allows us to maintain our high standards every time and only provide the highest quality products.

Sizes and Shapes

Our range of products is one of the other reasons so many people rely on us for their needs. We stock a wide range of shapes and sizes for our tubes, and also have the ability to provide very tight tolerances. Offering pre-galvanised and seamless tubes with various finishes, we can help you get exactly what you need.

We understand that our tubes are highly beneficial for those in a range of industries with an array of requirements. This is why, as well as our products, we offer quality advice too. We do this by using the knowledge that we have built up over the years so you can get the most out of our service.

We are the ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands depends on. Contact Union Steel today if you have any queries on our service or would like some expert advice for your project. We would love to hear from you.