Revolutionising door and window frames with ERW tubes

Construction trends can change regularly for many reasons. It could be an increase in the cost of certain materials or a drop in supplies. Or, it may be people favouring alternatives to protect the environment. There are also cases when things become trendy purely because of aesthetics. One trend we want to look at is using ERW tubes for door and window frames. It is an interesting use that can provide many benefits.

Traditional designs

At one point all door and window frames were wood. You can still find some properties in the UK with original ones or modern reproductions. There are some drawbacks with them though, such as issues like warping. They can take a lot of upkeep too, especially when it comes to painting.

So, a lot of owners chose to make the change to uPVC. New builds use it as standard now. It became the common choice because it is cheap, good for double glazing, low maintenance, and has high resistance to water and chemicals.

However, like most things there tends to come a time when people look for something else. Some began to see drawbacks with uPVC, including things like a lack of character and fading or discolouration. Low quality products are especially problematic because over time direct sunlight can weaken them.

With that in mind more people began looking at metal as an alternative. It offers some really great benefits, even if it costs more. In the long term the ROI is usually much better.

Why use metal?

ERW tubesMetal door and window frames can be many different materials. ERW tubes are one of the growth areas and have some noteworthy advantages. For one, tube is lighter than solid bars. That can offer weight and cost savings. Tubes are often cheaper because there is less material too. At the same time, they are still strong and durable.

In general you can get a number of advantages from using the metal tubes for window and door frames. For starters, tube is long lasting. It won’t rot or warp and has a very long service life in all weathers.

The metal is also unbeatable when it comes to safety. It has exceptional fire resistance, maintaining important parts of the structure. Plus, the strength and durability can stop burglars in their tracks.

One thing people love about metal frames is they can be very thin. It allows the creation of large glazing systems with minimal interruption and the use of wider doors. At the same time, they can provide the necessary strength and stability.

Finally, the metals have great eco credentials. They are recyclable, even after a long service life. So, the resources can be saved for new uses. Plus, they can still have some scrap value.

Do you want to order ERW tubes?

We have been specialising in ERW tubing for a long time. As a result, we know how to create products efficiently to the highest standards. We favour creating long lengths of tube and then cutting it to size. It can mean a shorter lead time for our customers and reduces costs.

One of the major advantages of dealing with Union Steel Tubes is we have so many options for you. Our range of ERW tube is very big, including different shapes, diameters, and wall sizes. We even have a choice of finishes. You can choose standard metal or opt for galvanisation or other options.

So, if you want ERW tubes for any kind of project, including construction work, speak to us. We can guide you in choosing the right products.