The resurgence of seamed tubing

The history of welded tubing is very interesting. Initially, the only way to make it was to use rollers or funnels to shape a piece of sheet steel before welding the edges together. This technique was prevalent throughout the first half of the 19th century. Manufacturing techniques for seamless products were invented towards the end of the century. The products they made quickly became favoured over seamed tubes because they were stronger due to the lack of a seam.

Seamed tubes were almost completely pushed out of the market at this time. The only thing that kept some manufacturers using them was the fact that they were cheaper to produce. Fortunately, major developments occurred following WWII. During this period a lot of research was done concerning welding techniques, leading to new advances and much better quality products. This helped seamed tubes regain their position because they could offer strength similar to seamless while still delivering cost savings.

In the current market, around two thirds of all tubes manufactured are seamed. A number of different techniques are used to make the products but the most common is electric resistance welding (ERW). The technique is favoured because it uses electric current and pressure to weld the edges of a rolled piece of steel. Using electricity keeps the heat zone on the tube very small and reduces the risk of deformation. It also typically produces small ridging when the edges are welded so less deburring is needed to smooth it.

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