Providing the most versatile steel cutting services

If you require specialised steel cutting services, we are the company for you. We have the technical abilities to execute an excellent standard of work, taking on both small and large orders and swiftly producing great results. We take on all tasks regardless of size and we approach every aspect of our work with careful attention to detail, ensuring our reputation as the leading supplier of ERW tube products.

We are able to offer a vast selection of steel tubes which enables us to easily meet every request. Our steel tubes can be produced in any length which means every individual specification can be catered for. We test every product before despatch to ensure our customers receive satisfactory products. We strive to fulfil every order as quickly as possible, so we maintain a full stock selection on our premises at all times. Urgent requests will receive a fast response, and we also offer a convenient collection service, ensuring you are never left without the important components you need.

The ERW tube products we supply can be used for many purposes including scaffolding, construction and furniture. Electric resistance welding involves the connection of two surfaces with the heat that is generated by the electrical resistance of the materials and the pressure used when welding. ERW tubes can be manufactured economically and they offer an extensive list of uses and benefits. Along with our vast range of available sizes, our products can also be manufactured in a varied range of shapes including oval, square, rectangular and circular.

A genuine determination to deliver unrivalled customer care is integral to our company. We have always believed in the importance of meeting the diverse needs and demands of industry and we work hard to be a consistently accommodating outfit. Our team consists of knowledgeable and experienced professionals that carry out high quality work. We are always available to offer advice concerning our ERW tube products and we will ensure that you receive the tubes that suit your particular needs.