Providing the ERW tubes that you need

We offer various services for all aspects of ERW tube products, including manufacturing and cutting them. Many businesses have come to rely on our tubes, and they are the cornerstones of many products on the market, particularly products made for and by heavy industry. Our clients demand that their ERW tubes are manufactured to the highest possible quality, and customised to their exact standards. That’s what we provide for every single customer we work with.

Customisation and tailored orders form the basis of our business. Our clients often want tubes that are customised to their needs so they don’t have to rely on generic tubes that may not be ideal for their requirements. Thankfully, we provide a service that gives you the exact size, shape and finish you want. We are able to handle any size order and can also provide same or next day delivery, meaning that our customers are provided with the exact tubes that they need as swiftly as possible, particularly if they are already in stock. Even if they aren’t, you can still benefit from the extensive customisation that we offer for your order.

Our tubes are available in a number of shapes and sizes. We can supply square, rectangular, oval and circular tubes, to name just a few. We have multiple lengths of tube in stock at any time for quick delivery, though we also have pre-galvanised and seamless tubes in as well. We can cut down an existing tube to the exact size that a client wants, using a number of methods to do so. We can also perform deburring and galvanisation on the tube after cutting to further improve its finish and overall aesthetic.

As we are an ISO 9001 registered company, our customers can be fully assured of our continued high standards. Established in 2004, we have been an ERW tube supplier to the West Midlands and all over the UK for over a decade, supplying professionally made tubes that match the exact specifications of our customers. We never compromise on the quality of our product and provide our clients with what they want, exactly when they want it.