Pre-galvanised steel tubing provides many advantages

A potential downside with steel tubing is it can be at risk of corrosion if not stored, handled, or finished properly. The iron content of the material is what causes the rusting, reacting to moisture, salts, and air. The tubes should be kept covered and finished with a protective coating as soon as possible to keep the risk of corrosion to a minimum. That is exactly what we do at Union Steel with our pre-galvanised ERW tube.

The galvanisation method gives the tubing a protective coating of zinc that provides a barrier against the elements that cause corrosion. This layer is durable but it can be damaged if the tubing is cut, scraped, or the surface is damaged in another way. As a result even galvanised materials need to be stored and handled with care.

The great thing about pre-galvanised steel is that the materials are coated when they are in sheet form. To do this the sheet is pulled through molten zinc at the mill, giving the entire thing a full coating. The coat is allowed to dry before the finished material is rolled and welded to create a tube.

The biggest benefit of pre-galvanisation is the tubes generally have a better appearance, showing fewer dip marks and inconsistencies. The surface is typically smoother and should require less preparation for any other finishing that is needed.

Care needs to be taken when working with pre-galvanised ERW tube. Any cutting, drilling, or additional forming done after the material is coated can remove the protective layer. This exposed area should be given an additional protective coating so that it is not vulnerable to corrosion.

Union Steel offers high quality tubing that is useful for a very wide array of applications. We achieve consistent standards, delivering finished products that clients will appreciate. Our range of tubes is very broad, including different shapes, ID and OD sizes, and finishes. We can even cater for bespoke requests.

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