Mild or high yield steel – What to choose?

Choosing the right steel for a project can be tricky. Do you need a metal that is strong and durable but easy to work with? Or, do you want a material that is uncompromising when it comes to its ability to withstand impacts and corrosive environments? The choice may come down to mild or high yield steel. What we want to do here is have a look at both to see which is best for different situations. Then, if you need to order ERW tube, you can come to us.

Mild or low carbon steel

The two names for the metal give you a great idea of its chemical composition and characteristics. The latter tells you that the alloys only contain a small amount of carbon. What this means is it’s far richer in terms of iron. The impact is it has less strength and lower hardness than other alloys. However, it also makes it malleable and ductile.

High yield steel

This is a metal that has been engineered to have much higher carbon content. Alloys can also feature additional elements such as manganese and chromium. Reducing the amount of iron improves the hardness and strength. Surprisingly, it can make it easier to work the steel too. The other elements added to the alloys can increase these properties even more and also boost ones like corrosion resistance.

Which to choose?

ERW tubeAs you can see, there are some major differences with mild and high yield steel. As a result, they are suitable for different applications.

Mild steel is perfect for a broad range of general applications. It can still offer good strength here, but is not exceptionally strong or hard. Instead, it is the best choice if you need maximum workability. For example, you should have no problem working with the metal to bend, shape, and form it. This could be to create ERW tube or other products. It is also a good option if you will need to do any reworking.

Another thing you need to keep in mind here is mild steel does not have the best corrosion resistance. It will usually be fine in general environments that aren’t too harsh. However, as the settings get harsher due to the temperature, moisture level, and presence of other harmful elements, it becomes a bad choice.

High yield steel is almost the mirror image of mild steel. It is generally the best option for a small number of applications where high strength and wear resistance is pivotal. The metal is perfect for demanding requirements, such as construction products and items that need to resist heavy impacts. It is a great choice for highly corrosive settings, especially if you choose alloys with elements that boost resistance.

Do you want reliable ERW tube?

At Union Steel Tubes we understand the big differences with various steels. This is important knowledge for us because we work to create high quality tubing. We could not do that if we did not know the properties of the materials and what it takes to work with them. Our expertise ensures we can deliver first rate tubing to suit various needs.

So, if you have applications for ERW tube in mind, please speak to us. Our range of products is very broad, and you can ask us for advice too.