Meeting your requirements

If you’re looking for the best ERW tubes you could ask for, you’ve found them. We pride ourselves on quality. With the huge range of what we do, we have outlined how we can meet everybody‚Äôs different requirements.


We do stock a huge range of sizes, but we also stock long lengths so that we can cut what is necessary. So, if you need tubing and don’t have a lot of time, get in touch. We are a very efficient company with short delivery times for your precise specifications. It doesn’t matter how much or little you need.


While not everyone is aware of reasons behind choosing different shape tubes, there are a few to consider. The most obvious is aesthetics, as you may be looking for something that will match the rest of what you have. The shape can also vary depending on your needs. Square tubing tends to be used for strength and support. Circular tubes though allow easier passage for substances flowing through.

Dangers Of Using The Wrong Tube

The best thing about coming to a company such as ours is our ability to give customers what they need. Trying to “make do” with a tube that is the wrong shape and size could be costly. You may receive a product you cannot use at all, forcing you to buy yet another. Also, you can break expensive machinery if you try to use the wrong tubing. Avoid this by coming to professionals for assistance.

Our Process

We only use the newest tools and equipment to overcome relevant common problems faced in the process. Despite our speed, we constantly remain accurate. We always plan with care throughout, communicating with you along the way. This keeps you informed and ensures you can get the most out of your tubes and your project.

Union Steel can carry out small and large tasks, so contact us to start getting your ERW tubes today! We use our expert knowledge and advice to discuss whatever you need.