We manufacture a huge range of ERW tubes for industry

[dropcap type=”SQUARE” color=”#000000″ background=”#FFFFFF”]T[/dropcap]he last few years have seen the steel cutting industry evolve substantially. Technology and methods are constantly changing, and to remain at the forefront of the sector we have kept up to date with every new development. We can only deliver the best service to our clients if we are utilising the finest equipment and we make no compromise on quality at any time. We are recognised in the industry as an adaptable company that can easily supply every contemporary company with the steel cutting services and ERW tubes they need.

Since our establishment in 2004 we have earned a reputation of reliability and in the steel cutting business that is extremely important. Steel cutting has many inherent challenges, and every company and client needs to engage consummate professionals with skill and experience. Steel comes in varying levels of thickness, size and weight. Our facilities and tools ensure we can meet every demand. We can cut all steel products to specification and successfully meet every schedule. If you need swift service, we can produce your products quickly. Our range of equipment is extensive and allows us to complete any job regardless of size. Furthermore, we can alter our standard tolerance on cut lengths and provide tighter tolerances if necessary.

Once your steel tubes have been cut we will begin the deburring method. This removes any protrusions or ragged edges. There are several available methods of doing this, and we typically use a brush or vibro to produce a completely smooth finish. Efficient deburring is an important part of the process to make sure that all parts function correctly. The smallest of notches can result in flawed operation which creates the potential for accidents in the workplace.

Our work adheres to industry standards, is ISO 9001 approved and consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients. We can cover every need and meet every request as we offer vast choice when it comes to steel tubes and ERW tubes. We can deliver your tubes in various qualities and sizes in excess of 200. Whether you need square, oval or rectangular we can provide every kind of product. We deliver a stellar service and the finest ERW steel tubes West Midlands clients could hope to find.