Key differences with hot and cold rolled ERW tubes

People have a lot to think about when they choose metal tubing. There are several different types, and even then there can be subcategories and crucial differences. It can make it tricky to decide what products will be best. Luckily, we can help. As one of the best suppliers of ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands, we can support you.

One thing you should think about is whether you want hot or cold rolled ERW tubes. You may think that heat won’t have much of an impact. However, there are some massive differences to consider.


ERW steel tubes West MidlandsThe thing to note here is the steel is heated to a high temperature before rolling. The heating helps improve the malleability. It makes it easier to create the tubes and the final products will also be more malleable.

Another benefit here is hot rolled ERW tubes are generally the most cost effective option. It doesn’t take as much skill or care to create them thanks to the heat. So, if people have small budgets, they can go further with this type of tubing.

There are three drawbacks with this kind of tubing though. Firstly, the heat means the tubes won’t be as strong. Secondly, the shape won’t be as uniform because the tube can cool unevenly. Finally, there is usually scaling on the surface. If you need the best ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands, you should rely on us.


The second type does not involve heating the steel prior to rolling. Instead, it remains at room temperature. It makes it harder to work, but results in a number of benefits.

For one thing, this type of tube is stronger. It will have a better crystal lattice structure with better grain sizes and orientation. That results in more strength.

Secondly, the tubes will be more uniform. Because there is no heating, there is no cooling. So, the final diameter will be consistent and precise, offering tight tolerances.

The surface finish will also be superior. You should have no issues with scaling. The tubes typically have a smooth even finish.

There are only two drawbacks. For one, it can take long to make the tubing. In addition, it is generally more expensive. However, the extra cost can be worth it in many cases. This is especially true if accuracy is crucial.

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Union Steel Tubes understands the big differences with hot and cold rolled tubing. We can advise clients if you are unsure about anything. This will ensure you know what to expect from your products.

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