Items made using galvanised tubing are very popular

Products created using galvanised ERW tube and clamps have increased in popularity in recent years. These are adaptable solutions capable of lending themselves to all kinds of applications. Like the old Meccano products you used to have, the only limits with galvanised tubing is your imagination. They provide complete adaptability as well as ease of use, without compromising on strength.

ERW tubeThese tubes are very robust. Also, due to the galvanising procedure, you can use them outside without risking corrosion. If you have a project that needs strength and durability, galvanised tubing is the way to go.

Another excellent property of these products is how well they combine with other materials. They look especially good with reclaimed wood to create an industrial and rustic look. Similarly, you can integrate a well-treated scaffold board into various designs to get a combination of style and strength.

Manufacturing galvanised steel

You start with mild steel. What we have here is an alloy of carbon and iron. The carbon makes the final product malleable. There are also high levels of ductility. This is a term that refers to a metal’s capacity to be hammered into a particular shape without breaking. The mild steel is provided with a protective zinc coating. It protects against corrosion. You apply the coating by giving the steel a hot-dip treatment.

Due to its toughness, it is possible to use galvanised steel in countless applications. Examples include home, garden, marine, and industrial products. Like with other steel products, you can also recycle these ones, making them sustainable.

Let’s look more closely at the applications related to galvanised ERW tube.

Interior design products

One of them most interesting uses of the tube is interior design. It used to be the case that you only found such tubes on construction sites. Or, they’d be in places where utility mattered more than good looks. In recent years though, they have become a mainstay in interiors.

The current trend for industrial and minimalist looks has made them a wonderful choice. You can use the tube to create kitchen stands, picnic benches, tables, and for mounting lamps. They could even supply the framework for wood and steel stairs.

Another simple and increasingly popular application would be railings for curtains. The same goes for shelving, whether it is for bookcases or in the kitchen. It could even be out in the garage or shed as long lasting, robust racking. There are all sorts of possibilities.

Garden products

While tubes have made their way indoors, their outdoor presence is even more established. It is possible to use them to produce bespoke garden furniture. This could be tables, chairs, and benches. To keep children entertained, they make for fantastic climbing frames and goalposts. You can even use the tube as the core structure of a treehouse. Ever adaptable, practically weatherproof, and hard-wearing, whatever you want for your garden, galvanised ERW tube can help.

Home gyms

Many people swapped costly gym memberships for equipment in their back gardens, garages, and homes during the pandemic. A lot of them now continue to work out here because it is more convenient. It’s possible to use galvanised tubes to manufacture bespoke gym equipment with an industrial, contemporary look. Pull-up bars and workout benches aren’t hard to make. There is massive scope for fitness and gym applications. The same goes for sporting equipment like football goals and golf cages.

Shop fittings

A trend that’s appeared in recent history is using tubes to manufacture contemporary, stylish fittings for shops and other retail spaces. They make for fantastic shelving and clothing racks. Also, you can easily adapt them to account for changing demands.

In addition to the high street, people have used the tube to make amazing interiors for cafes, restaurants, and bars. The hair and beauty industry has gotten its fair share of usage out of them as well.

Use our top tier ERW tube products

At Union Steel Tubes, we’re known for providing first rate tubing merchandise. Our team knows its fair share about galvanise tube too. Galvanisation is the approach you should take if you have corrosion concerns. With the protective layer they will last longer in damaging settings.

It is our pleasure to offer ERW tube for a massive selection of uses. So, if there is anything we can help you with, please let us know.