Is Cost The Only Reason To Select ERW Steel Tubes?

It is widely known that ERW steel tubes are the most economically accessible form of metallic piping. The costs of producing this type are substantially lower than other means, in particular Drawn Over Mandrel and Seamless Mechanical Tubing. Whilst this is advantageous, it should not be considered the only reason why many – in particular within the construction industry – select this as the preferred style of choice. There are a number of reasons which make this form the best and most appropriate to use.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage which ERW steel tubes have over all other forms is the shape they can be. Whilst rolled methods of production really only allows for circular styles of tube, the nature of the way in which ERW is made means you can create square or rectangular tubing. As there are many instances – in particular within the construction industry – where non-round tubes are required in terms of the design specification, the only practical way of having them in place is to make use of ERW ones.

Closely related to the above is the fact that a much wider range of sizes can be achieved in using the ERW method of fabricating steel tubes. Due to the rolled nature of other approaches there are quite restrictive minimum diameters which the tubes can be, and the production of them to a tight tolerance figure can prove to be exceptionally expensive. The ERW steel tube manufacturing process allows for a far wider range of diameter to be created, with both the minimum and maximum sizes being far more allowing. In respect of tolerances, our approach sees us able to deliver to a level of at least ± 0.5mm.

A final observation for now is that ERW tubes allow for the successful implementation of methods designed to prohibit corrosion. Whilst specific anti-corrosion methods are required for the weld seam, it is also the case that coatings can be applied to the entire tubing with considerable ease.

We trust that this has shown you some of the ways in which factors beyond cost make ERW steel tubes the preferred choice in certain industries. We are proud to be a leading supplier of this type of tubing and serve clients across the UK from our base in the West Midlands.