How oil and gas is creating higher demand for ERW tube

One of the biggest markets for ERW tube is the oil and gas industry in Europe. In fact, there is an expectation that it will grow by over $8.5bn by 2027. As a leading manufacturer with lots of happy customers across the UK, we want to have a look at the reasons for the growth.

Economic advantages

The main driver of the growth is that more and more people are looking at the economic benefits of pipelines. There are some very crucial ones. For example, it is the ideal way to transport resources over long distances. It can be much cheaper than road or rail transport. Plus, the pipes require less maintenance than vehicles, meaning more savings.


Pipelines can also effectively transport a higher volume of resources. There are limitations with road and rail because you can only fit so much gas or oil in a vehicle. You can have more vehicles to increase capacity, but there will always be limits. A pipeline will have a much higher capacity. In fact, you could have one functioning 24 hours a day to continuously move resources if you needed to.


There is also a massive advantage with the fact that pipelines can have fantastic protection against disruption. We’ve seen plenty of news stories in the last few years about protesters disrupting roads and major events. Traffic jams and other issues can cause a lot of trouble for supplies. There is no worry about any of this with a pipeline.

Big projects

ERW tubeThe advantages of pipelines and ERW tube are leading to more and more massive projects in Europe. In cases this even involves cooperation between the governments of different countries. For example, there were two incredible agreements in October 2022.

The first was for a gas line that would cross the Pyrenees. It will connect Germany and Spain, so both countries were involved in the project.

The second project also involves Spain, but this time in agreement with France. It will create an underwater gas line between Barcelona and Marseille. The countries are investing $3bn on the infrastructure.

Satellite monitoring

Another interesting thing that is driving demand for ERW tube for pipelines is the development of new systems to monitor the lines. They can overcome challenges and facilitate efficient management.

A drawback with some projects is the routes make monitoring very difficult. For example, it can be mountains or deserts where wireless and wired systems can be very expensive to run. This can hinder or shelve plans.

Satellite monitoring is a fantastic option here. It can allow dynamic solutions for even the toughest locations. Systems are usually based on SCADA, one of the most cost efficient options.

Ordering ERW tube

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